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Vote for the Communist Party in the municipal elections!

The Communist Party runs for office in Växjö!

Vote to put solidarity on the agenda in the municipal council (kommunfullmäktige) on the 17th of September. We are members of the party that wants to be the voice of the working class. We are members of the party that puts forward justice, equality and solidarity as an alternative to policies of greed and profit. We cannot change the world or Växjö by running for office in an election or by receiving a vote, but with your help we can transform the municipality of Växjö into a place where focus is on other things than egoism, profit and competition. We run for office with the platform ”Ten Demands for a more equal Växjö” as our base. Even though we, of course, want to change so much more. The platform will be available in English soon, but until then you are welcome to email us at kontakta oss.

Ten demands for a more equal Växjö:

  • The municipality should build more inexpensive rented flats
  • No on the sale of municipal property
  • Introduce free public transport in the municipality
  • Introduce free driver’s education in upper secondary school in the municipality
  • The municipality of Växjö should demand Swedish collective agreements in connection to all procurements
  • No more than 20 pupils in each classroom
  • Give Växjö a twin city on Cuba
  • Sweden out of the EU – get rid of the statutory right-wing policies
  • Collect taxes from the wealthy – introduce taxation based on financial strength
  • No commissions of trust should yield more pay than an average worker’s income
Visit our ”election office” to learn more about our party. It is situated at the crossing of Storgatan and Västra Esplanaden, outside of the Tegnérgallerian.

Opening hours:
Wednesdays, 11.30 – 18.00
Saturdays, 11.00 – 13.00
Friday the 25th of August and the 8th of September, 11.30 – 15.30
Also open every Friday at Dalbo torg 16.00 – 18.00

Plusgiro: 54 41 22-5. Alla bidrag till vår verksamhet tas emot, stora som små!